UAE government Leaders program launches 3 new batches

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The UAE government Leadership program at the Cabinet Office of the Ministry of Cabinet Affairs and the future has launched 3 new batches in the executive leadership, future leaders and youth leaders of the UAE, with 120 affiliates from federal and local government agencies and the private sector, as part of the program's efforts Aiming to prepare a selection of national leaders and competencies capable of making the change and promoting sustainable development in the UAE. The exploration and qualification of leadership competencies according to the criteria and values of the UAE government leadership model, and encouraging them to embrace the culture of innovation to keep up with the orientations of the UAE government to achieve leadership in various fields is a central objective of the UAE government Leadership program, through which it seeks to build A network of government action leaders from national competencies capable of bringing about change and leadership in the future industry. The UAE government Leadership program received 6,000 requests for registration through the leadership platform, sorting out and selecting a thousand applications for the e-evaluation phase that resulted in the selection of the best candidates for the program categories in its new batches. Numbers The total number of participants in the new programmes was 120, 40 from the federal authorities, 60 from the local authorities and 20 from the private sector, divided into 3 categories, 40 affiliated to the sixth instalment of executive leaders, 40 members of the fifth batch of future leaders and 40 members of the payment Third Emirates youth leaders. Dr. Yasser Al Naqbi, assistant director general of government leadership and capacity in the Office of the Prime Minister of the Ministry of Cabinet Affairs and the future, stressed that the UAE government adopts the promotion of human capital and investment in the human being, through the preparation of a generation of competencies and national capacities and leadership Able to keep abreast of the changes, meet future challenges and develop various areas of government action. Al Naqbi said that the UAE government leadership program has worked with knowledge partners around the world to develop comprehensive scientific and practical training content for its training programs that provide an opportunity to recognize the latest global trends and best practices in the areas of leadership and effective management, noting that the program UAE government leaders have seen a growing turnout of national competencies that have initiated registration in various categories, while the best candidates have been selected to join the program. Executive Leadership The UAE government Leadership Program organizes the 6th installment training program for executive leaders in collaboration with Duke University for Institutional Education, which includes assistant line ministries, Deputy executive heads, and departmental directors in federal, local and sector institutions. Special. The training program consists of five basic courses: flexible and effective leadership, global trends in terms of opportunities and challenges, high-efficiency decision making, leadership of ideas and innovation, enhanced communication and communication skills, interaction and impact, and aims to build the capacity Affiliated to lead the efforts to achieve the strategic goals of their destinations to reflect the axes of the UAE vision 2021 and percentages UAE 2071, and keep pace with global trends. Future Leaders The UAE government Leadership Program also organizes the training program for the 5th batch of future leaders in collaboration with PricewaterhouseCoopers, which includes department and project managers and team leaders who will enhance their understanding of government business processes in the UAE. And beyond, providing them with the skills of creative thinking, efficiency, initiative, flexibility, adaptability and entrepreneurship. The program includes courses that include developing imagination skills, designing ideas labs, understanding global trends and scenarios, understanding UAE Vision 2021 and percentages 2071, strategic orientations of the state, making smart, effective and efficient decisions, building active teams, and embracing leadership principles. Proactive and flexible, in addition to a course that will be designed by associates and designed to promote understanding of the state's orientations, global trends, openness to the world, the acquisition of prospective future skills, and stimulating entrepreneurship. Shabab UAE The third installment of the UAE Youth leadership is organized by the UAE Government Leadership program in collaboration with the University of Bath, Duke University for Institutional Education and the University of California-Berkeley Executive Education program, focusing on young employees between the ages of 21 and 35. The program includes five courses: leadership and openness to the world, flexible leadership, generation and design of ideas, self-development, analysis of global trends, and making the right decisions, and aims to enhance flexibility and commitment to lead by example and harmonize perseverance and adaptation in the development Innovative ideas, balancing work environment and developing a results-focused mindset.